Makita Sp6000 Track Saw Review

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I just bought a second hand Festool so I’m not in the market for another but I did consider the Makita for a while. Anyway what are you using to support your workpiece when you cut on the floor? The big challenge with any track saw is supporting the offcut. It looks like you have found a brilliant solution for that. The cut quality could very well be attributable to the blade.

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If you bought it from a tool supply, take the whole shebang back with some of your scrap and show them. I have used older model bostich guns, this should apply though. Pressure for what you got-should be around 100+, but no where near 140.

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If they will not I would buy another one and walk out to your car switch the staplers and walk back in and tell them you want a refund. I bought my first hammer tacker over 10 years ago and after talking to some pros they all recommended duo fast staplers. They are a little more expensive but I have 2 of them now and they both work great. I put a drop of tri flow in the business end/all moving parts before using things like that, and now never have problems. I have the same HF pin nailer and havent had that problem, but I have had the exact same thing happen with an expensive Bostitch nailer. I think it just comes down to the O rings in the guns, but really I have no clue.

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