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What does chronic care management mean?

For those with chronic diseases or health conditions – which includes diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and sleep apnea – chronic care management is the medical oversight and education conducted by healthcare professionals to help patients understand their medical condition and how to successfully live with it. Chronic care management is similar to disease management for acute medical problems but is designed for the long-term management and care of chronic conditions.

Typically, chronic care management involves the patient engaging in therapy, medications, or other interventions and lifestyle choices to help them with the achievement of maintaining their quality of life and allowing them to live a happy and full life. Chronic care management is an important part of the healthcare system for those with chronic conditions and is a cooperative venture between patient and provider.

What are the six essential elements of the chronic care model?

What the chronic care model (CCM) is, is an organizational approach to caring for those with chronic conditions in a primary healthcare setting. It is a population-based system, which creates practical, supportive, and evidence-based interactions between the patient and their healthcare providers. There are six essential elements to the chronic care model, which are listed below.

  • Health systems: the goal is to create an organization that provides safe and high-quality care.
  • The community: By making use of community resources, the efforts to keep chronically ill patients are supported, involved and active, and bolster the healthcare system’s ability to care for those with chronic conditions.
  • Self-management support: patients are provided with tools and resources to help them, and they are encouraged to set goals and identify barriers or challenges and to help with the monitoring of their own conditions;
  • Delivery system design: it is important there are regular and proactively planned visits that incorporate the patients’ goals to help them maintain their health and allow the healthcare system to better manage resources.
  • Decision support: healthcare providers have convenient access to the latest in guidelines and care for chronic conditions and should be educating both themselves and their patients on any medical decisions made to manage the patient’s chronic condition.
  • Clinical information systems: healthcare systems use technology to provide healthcare providers with an inclusive list of patients with a given chronic disease, which provides the information which is necessary to monitor the patients’ health and reduce the risk of complications.

What is the purpose of chronic care management?

Chronic care management is important for those patients with chronic conditions, as certain problems related to chronic conditions are not always specifically medical and may include their interactions with family, friends, and their workplaces. Often, there is a need for patients and others involved to make difficult lifestyle changes or adjustments and patients must be educated on the benefits of their treatment and the risks of not properly adhering to their treatment regime. Frequently, patients must be motivated to comply because treatment provides for an improved quality of life, rather than the cure that most patients desire.

Chronic care management aides patients by helping them to monitor their progress, while also coordinating with their healthcare providers to identify and solve problems or complications that may occur during their treatment.

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