School and Sports Physicals in Berwyn Heights, MD

At Allegis Health Care, we provide physical exams of any kind, including school and sports physicals in Berwyn Heights, MD. Allegis Health Care Clinic provides School and Sports Physicals for your Child. Call now for more information. We are Located at M18 6201 Greenbelt RD, Berwyn Heights, MD 20740.

Here at Allegis Health Care, we can provide physical exams of any kind, including school and sports physicals, and we can see patients of any age, including your children. Our professionals can see you or your child very soon if you need a physical right away. Give us a call today to book with us. We’re your local and go-to provider of school and sports physicals in Berwyn Heights, MD!

What do doctors do for a sports physical? What happens for school physicals?

Sometimes it’s necessary for a child or an adult to get a physical exam when they join a new sports team, and sometimes it’s necessary when attending a new school. Often, a physical is a pre-entry requirement. These types of physicals are pretty similar to one another and to standard physical exams, so a physician will usually check:

  • Family health history and personal health history for any risks or recurring health issues
  • Vaccination history, and offer any important vaccinations
  • Vital signs, including heart rate, weight, and blood pressure
  • General body health, including the eyes, ears, nose, heart, lungs, and skin
  • Speech and motor functions
  • Whether another test, like a blood test, may be necessary
  • Whether you have any concerns or questions about your/your child’s health

Also, with a sports physical, a physician will check physical strength, reflexes, and agility. With a school physical for a child, the physician will check the child’s level of development. This can include things like a child’s emotional and social development, as they’re relevant to school life.

Where can I get a sports physical? Can you get a school physical at primary care?

At a primary care clinic like Allegis Health Care, you can get any kind of physical exam, including a sports or school physical. The professionals at these clinics are fully qualified, fully capable physicians who can see patients of any age, including children. Also, if you or your child needs a physical right away, a clinic like ours may be able to accommodate you and see you very soon. You’re welcome to call us today to find out when we’d be able to see you or your child soon.

How much do physical exams cost?

Usually, a physical exam will cost around 50 to $200, but children’s physicals are usually on the lower end of the spectrum. The pricing also depends on the type of physical provided and the provider. With us at Allegis Health Care, our pricing is affordable and it varies, so please get in touch with us to learn more about our pricing.

If you or your child hasn’t had a recent physical exam, then your physical with us may be covered by your insurance. Our clinic works with most private health insurance providers, so there’s a good chance we work with yours. You can call us to find out and to book a physical with us.

Do you offer school and sports physicals in Berwyn Heights, MD?

Yes, we do! Allegis Health Care offers school and sports physicals near you at 6201 Greenbelt RD, M18 Berwyn Heights, MD 20740. You can reach us at (301)-298-3845. Please call us at that number if you’d like to learn more about our clinic and physical exams with us. We’d be happy to see you for a physical, so don’t hesitate to call us today if you’d like to make an appointment for one or check when we can see you for a physical. You can book an appointment with us online if you’d prefer to.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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